Hello and welcome! I have been in law enforcement for just about 20 years. In addition to my patrol duties, I have also spent 13 years on SWAT as an entry team member.  I am a member of the NRA and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. 

Early in my career I discovered I had a passion for teaching and helping others in achieving their goals.  I have been a certified instructor since 2010. I am a WI DOJ LESB certified firearms instructor, which allows me to instruct this class and issue WI DOJ certificates for those who are trying to obtain their WI CCW Permit. 

My goal is to engage each and every one of my students and help them develop both the mental and physical skills needed to safely defend themselves and their family. 


My course is the WI DOJ certified firearms safety course, which can only be instructed by WI DOJ certified instructors.  This means that after successful completion, you will receive a certificate through the WI DOJ, which can be used to apply for your WI CCW Permit. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about my background.  I hope to see you in class soon!